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RS485 Ammonia Nitrite Nitrate Nh4 Sensor Customized Ion Selective Electrode

Basic Information
Brand Name: Desun Uniwill
Model Number: DSN260
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Determined by the number of specific orders
Packaging Details: Carton packaging
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 500
Detail Information
Place Of Origin: China Product Name: Online Ammonia Nitrogen Sensor
Range: 0-1000mg/L Accuracy: <5%
Ammonia Nitrogen Resolution: 0.1mg/L Output Signal: Support RS-485, MODBUS Protocol
PH Range: 2-12 Deepest Depth: 10 Meters
Temperature Range: 0 ~ 50 °C Principle: Ion Selective Electrode
Customized Support: OEM, ODM Protection Level: IP68
High Light:

RS485 Nh4 Sensor


ammonium ion selective electrode


ammonia nitrite nitrate sensor Customized

Product Description

Water Quality Sensor NH4-N Sensor Ion Selective Electrode Ammonia Nitrogen Sensor 

Products Description

Online ammonia nitrogen sensor, using ion selective electrode method to measure ammonia nitrogen concentration. The ammonium ion selective electrode directly detects ammonium ions in the water environment to determine the concentration of ammonia nitrogen. Use a pH electrode as a reference electrode for better stability. The ammonia nitrogen concentration is easily interfered by potassium ions during the measurement process, and potassium ion compensation is required.

The digital ammonia nitrogen sensor is an integrated sensor composed of ammonium ion selective electrode, potassium ion (optional), pH electrode and temperature electrode. These parameters can mutually correct and compensate the measurement value of ammonia nitrogen, and realize the measurement of multiple parameters at the same time.

Sensor maintenance

  • External surface of the sensor: Wash the external surface of the sensor with tap water. If debris remains, wipe it with a moist soft cloth.
  • Check the cable of the sensor: The cable should not be tight during normal work, otherwise the internal wires of the cable will be easily broken and the sensor will not work properly.
  • Sensor storage: When the sensor is not in use, you should fasten the black plastic cap and check whether the sponge inside is wet. If it is not wet enough, please add 3mol / L potassium chloride solution and let the electrode be stored in the solution with potassium chloride.


The probe contains sensitive optical and electronic components. Ensure that the probe is not subject to severe mechanical impact. Damage to the sensor due to impact or manpower will not be covered by the warranty. Water ingress to the sensor due to replacement of the pH electrode is not covered by the warranty.

Technical parameters
Item Parameters
Model DSN260
Ammonia Nitrogen Range 0~1000mg/l
Ammonia Nitrogen Precision 3%
Ammonia Nitrogen Resolution 0.1mg/l
Nitrate Range 0~50mg/L
Nitrate Precision 5%
Nitrate Resolution 0.1mg/l
pH range 1~12
pH Accuracy ±0.1
pH Resolution 0.01
Deepest depth Underwater 10m
Protection level IP68
Temperature range 0~ 50°C
Sensor interface Support RS-485, MODBUS protocol
assembly Input type
Power information DC 6~12V, current <50mA
Probe cable length 5 meters (default), can be customized
Housing material POM


RS485 Ammonia Nitrite Nitrate Nh4 Sensor Customized Ion Selective Electrode 0

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RS485 Ammonia Nitrite Nitrate Nh4 Sensor Customized Ion Selective Electrode 1
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