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Optical Electrode Probe Dissolved Oxygen Meter Dissolved Oxygen Monitoring System

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Desun Uniwill
Certification: CE
Model Number: DYS-1
Minimum Order Quantity: 0~100 pcs
Price: $ 425.00 - $ 535.00/ Set
Packaging Details: Carton packaging
Delivery Time: 7~ 15 working days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T
Supply Ability: 0~1000 pcs
Detail Information
Model: DYS-1 D.O. Range: 0~20mg/L Or 0~200%
DO Sensor: Optical DO Sensor D.O. Accuracy: 1%
Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Drift: <1%per Year Sensor Material: Stainless Steel/Titanium
Temp. Range: 0~40℃ Temp. Accuracy: ±0.2℃
Working Temperature: -20℃~50℃ Material Supplied: 3v~6v
Power: <0.5w Signal Output: RS-485
High Light:

Stainless Steel Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor


Electrode Probe Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Product Description

Dissolved Oxygen Monitoring System Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Electrode Probe Dissolved Oxygen Meter


Here are some key features and components commonly found in portable dissolved oxygen meters:


Electrode or Sensor: The heart of the DO meter is the oxygen sensor or electrode. There are two main types of electrodes used in portable DO meters: polarographic and galvanic. Polarographic electrodes are more common and offer high accuracy, while galvanic electrodes are typically used for quick readings but may have a shorter lifespan.


Temperature Compensation: Many portable DO meters include a built-in temperature sensor or accept an external temperature probe. Temperature compensation is crucial because the solubility of oxygen in water varies with temperature.


Display: A digital display provides real-time readings of dissolved oxygen levels. It typically shows the DO value in units such as mg/L (milligrams per liter) or % saturation.


Calibration: Regular calibration is essential to maintain accuracy. Portable DO meters usually offer one or two-point calibration using standard solutions with known oxygen concentrations.


Data Logging: Some advanced models have data logging capabilities, allowing you to record measurements over time. This feature is valuable for tracking changes in oxygen levels.


Battery Power: Portable meters are powered by batteries, so consider the battery life and the availability of rechargeable batteries when choosing a meter for extended fieldwork.


Waterproof and Durability: Fieldwork often involves exposure to harsh conditions, so a rugged and waterproof design is essential for durability.


Portability: These meters are designed to be easily carried in the field, so they are typically compact and lightweight.


User Interface: A user-friendly interface with intuitive buttons or a touchscreen makes it easier to operate the meter in the field.


Accessories: Portable DO meters may come with accessories such as carrying cases, protective covers, and calibration solutions.


Product Description

The handheld device can be used for monitoring of dissolved oxygen, temperature and PH in water, and can meet the requirements of portable accurate water quality measurement.

Dissolved Oxygen Meter For Water Test

Signal output: RS-485
The screen uses a custom backlight, which can display dissolved oxygen, temperature, PH, and a real-time clock.

Manual calibration of salinity, air pressure, and KB value to ensure accurate measurement value.


* 0-20mg/L or 0-200% saturation
* 0~50 °C; IP68 protection level
* No film, no electrolyte, no polarization
* No need to consume oxygen, no flow rate
* Built-in temperature sensor, automatic temperature compensation
* Free from chemical interferences such as sulfides
* Small annual drift, fast response, and more accurate measurement
* Free of maintenance, longer application cycle and lower cost of use
* Fluor cap replacement is simple
*Support RS-485, MODBUS protocol
Technical parameters
Fluorescent dissolved oxygen sensor
Measuring Range
0-20mg/L or 0 ≤ 200% saturation
Response time
± 1%
Sensor drift
<1% per year
Temperature range
Temperature precision
± 0.5℃
Calibration method
One or Two-point calibration
output method
RS-485 (Modbus/ RTU )
Temperature sensor
Housing diameter
Housing length
Cable length
10 m, in addition to the customer, 5 m, 15 m and 30 m cables.
Power consumption
< 0.5 W
power supply
DC6~12v +/-5%, current<50mA
Protection level
Housing Material

Dissolved Oxygen Meter



Q: Is your company a manufacturer??
A: We are a professional manufacturer of online water quality monitoring products: oil-in-water sensor/ DO sensor/ NH4-N sensor / ORP / COD sensor / Blue-green algae sensor /Conductivity sensor /TDS / TSS /MLSS, etc.
Q: What parameters do you need for product selection?
A: Application, Range, Power supply, and Output signal.
Q: How about the quality of the management?
A: We have a complete quality control system, our products will be fully pre-inspection before shipping to you. We have the certification of ISO and CE, we could send the certification test of our company to you.
Q: Can you offer OEM services?
A: We support OEM and ODM products according to your requirements.
Q: What are your terms of payment and delivery time?
A: We could accept T/T, Paypal, Western Union, and Credit Assurance. Generally, we will arrange the shipment within 7 days after receiving payment.
Q: How about a warranty?
A: 12-month warranty.

Contact Details

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