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Spill Saromatic Hydrocarbons Oil In Water Sensor , Hydrocarbon In Water Analyzer

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Desun Uniwill
Model Number: DS530-A
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Determined by the number of specific orders
Packaging Details: Carton packaging
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T
Supply Ability: 2000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Detail Information
Product Name: Online OIW Sensor Principle: Ultraviolet Fluorescence Method
Measuring Range: 0~200ppm Material: SS316 (customizable Titanium Alloy)
Power Supply: DC 6~12V, Current <50mA (when Not Cleaned) Response Time: 2 Sec
Maximum Pressure: 10 M Brand Name: Desun Uniwill
High Light:

Spill Oil In Water Sensor


Saromatic Hydrocarbons Oil In Water Sensor


hydrocarbon in water analyzer

Product Description

Online Oil In Water Sensor Hydrocarbon Analyser To Detect Oil Spill Saromatic Hydrocarbons 

Product Description




The ultraviolet fluorescence method is used to monitor the oil content in the water, and the oil concentration in the water is quantitatively analyzed based on the fluorescence intensity emitted by the petroleum and its aromatic hydrocarbon compounds and compounds containing conjugated double bonds after absorbing ultraviolet light. The aromatic hydrocarbons in petroleum can produce fluorescence under the excitation of ultraviolet light, and the value of oil in water can be calculated according to the intensity of the fluorescence.


Sensor maintenance

1) Sensor outer surface: Wash the outer surface of the sensor with tap water. If there is still debris, wipe it with a damp soft cloth. For some stubborn dirt, you can add some household washing liquid to the tap water to clean it.

2) Measuring the outer surface of the window: use tap water to clean the outer surface of the sensor. For some stubborn dirt, you can use traditional detergent and soft cloth to clean.

3) Check the cable of the sensor: the cable should not be tightened during normal operation, otherwise the internal wires of the cable will be easily broken, causing the sensor to not work normally.


Technical parameters
Product Oil in water sensor
Response Time <5 sec
Model Number DS530
Principle Ultraviolet fluorescence method
Measuring Range 0-50ppm/0-200ppm or 0-0.40FLU
Precision 3%
Resolution 0.01ppm
Temp range 0-50℃
Linearity R2>0.999
Protection level Ip68
Output signal Support RS-485, MODBUS protocol
Assembly Input type,thread
Power information DC 6~12V, current <50mA (when not cleaned)
Cable length 5 meters (default), can be customized
Housing material SS316 (customizable titanium alloy)
Self-cleaning Brush Have
Optical window Have

Quality assurance

Our company assures first-hand buyers that there will not be any product defects caused by substandard materials or factory manufacturing within one year from shipment.
Because the sensor has an automatic cleaning brush and a motor, it belongs to a dynamic seal structure. After 18 months of continuous use, the dynamic sealing device needs to be returned to the factory. If the buyer does not return to the factory and the sensor enters the water or fails to work, all consequences caused by the buyer shall be borne by the buyer
If a defect is found during the warranty period, it is promised to repair or replace the defective product, or return the payment in addition to the first shipping and related formalities. Any product repaired or replaced during the warranty period will only enjoy the remaining warranty period of the original product.
After receiving the customer's questions about product quality, our company will confirm whether the product needs to be repaired within two weeks; products that have not been approved for repair cannot be returned.

Spill Saromatic Hydrocarbons Oil In Water Sensor , Hydrocarbon In Water Analyzer 0


Spill Saromatic Hydrocarbons Oil In Water Sensor , Hydrocarbon In Water Analyzer 1

Multi-parameter water quality sensors (five parameters / seven parameters), optical dissolved oxygen, fiber turbidity, four-electrode conductivity, blue-green algae, chlorophyll, water oil and COD have been introduced. Widely used in water environmental protection, sewage treatment, industrial process monitoring, aquaculture, groundwater monitoring, water plants, petrochemical enterprises, small and medium-sized environmental protection companies, food fermentation and pharmaceuticals. Through water environment monitoring equipment, water quality can be monitored more effectively during processing, discharge and recycling.
We actively innovate, continuously improve our products, and optimize industry application solutions. Based on the current rapid development of IoT technology, we also launched wireless water quality monitoring solutions. Combine smart phones, tablets and traditional measuring instruments through wireless transmission to create a real-time dynamic water quality monitoring system, marine environmental monitoring system, fishery water monitoring system, and provide complete solutions.

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